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Warmly congratulate MSV2016 finished successfully
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Warmly congratulate MSV2016 finished successfully
News Source:   2017-04-05 08:54:52

MSV is a comprehensive industrial exposition which has the longest history in central and east Europe, the most extensive exhibition and the biggest regional influence. This international exhibition covers various fields of industrial production. It is one of the largest international exhibitions supported by International Exhibition Union. MSV2016 is the largest industrial exposition held in Czech from 1999, there are many exhibitors from Germany, Czech, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia etc. China, as a partner of the Industrial Expo, has also become the largest Asian country which has the most exhibitors to participate in the international exhibition.

Czech's president, Prime Minister and important leaders of China have attached great importance to this exhibition, they came to Chinese pavilion to visit China's advanced science and technology, care and help China's small and medium enterprises in the development of the central and East European markets.

Wuxi pengda hydraulic machine factory makes great efforts to develop East European markets and actively takes part in all kinds of large-scale exhibitions. This time we felt very proud to represent one of Jiangsu exhibitors.

We met a lot of European target customers who have great interest in our products, and they indicated a high degree of acceptance for the advanced servo oil system.

We also met many East European peers and we had depth of exchange, mutual learning and communication with them. Their advanced manufacturing technology and corporate philosophy benefit us a lot.

We also had the honor to get acquainted with hydraulic engineer Petr Jandasek who has 50 years of experience in this field. We chatted for a long time at our exhibition position. He wondered the rapid development of China and also put forward his own valuable advice.

Thanks for this international exhibition. It brought advanced science and technology to Wuxi pengda and let us make a lot of friends abroad. We will continue to innovate in the long-term development of the road, and provide effective solutions for more and more customers at home and abroad.||||